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  1. Ann Radoycis

    Yesterday there was a large woodpecker looking bird on my ten foot maple tree. He was black and white and had the tufts sticking out at the top. I can’t find him listed as a woodpecker. Any thoughts? We live near Amelia Island/Yulee, FL.

    • Hi, Ann! Thanks for visiting us.
      Sounds like you saw a Pileated Woodpecker. Sometimes, depending on the light and distance, you may not always see all the colors shown in a field guide. This is North America’s largest woodpecker. They have a “crest” and when they fly the prominent colors visible are black and white.
      Here’s a link to Cornell’s excellent identification website:

      Let us know if that’s it!

  2. I was looking for help in identification of the Eastern Amberwing dragonfly (Perithemis tenera) and came across you blog. I like your pages and will return to look and read more. I have a website, which is built on the WordPress frame work, for my nature photography in South Florida. Hope you visit my pages also. Good hunting with your camera.

  3. Wally, that top photo of the Waxwing in your last blog is spectacular! I’m jealous!

  4. Hi Wally. I have been just looking at your recent post and I am amazed at the diversity of places not far from your home and all the different species you are fortunate to have around you. Ypu photography is wonderful. I could not find a comment button on the main site, hence replying here. I am not familiar with Florida but wondered if you lived anywhere near Tampa? I have a nursing friend there and she is always saying to come for a visit but she is not a birder and I would not like to visit a country without seeing the bird life. You 2 are obviously up for adventures and to see what turns up and I love that. Anyhow thanks for a wonderful post.

    • Margaret, thank you so much for your very kind remarks! Tampa is about an hour’s drive and there are wonderful birding opportunities within easy reach. One of the nation’s premier birding locations, Fort De Soto, is in nearby St. Petersburg and is fantastic any time of year.

  5. Your Daughter

    I apparently forgot to put my name, so I’m glad you knew it was me, heehee! Anyway, I was being serious…in the next week or two I would love to ride along on one of your adventures. Also, you taught me that survivial food is necessary for any successful car trip (even it’s when you are tossing it to the wildlife in a desparate attempt to convince them that Colonel Sanders is tastier than you)!

    • Lucky guess. You are seriously welcome to ride along anytime. You are also allowed to withdraw your request once you find out what time of day we usually get on the road! 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    Wow, what a beautiful site. I can’t think of any two people better qualified to explore and report on the wonder and mystery that is Florida. As your daughter, I can say that I miss the car rides of my youth where Mom would pack a picnic lunch (and gum and ginger snaps for my car sickness) and Dad would narrate our drive with history lessons of whatever area were driving around, while I complained to Mom that Mike (my older brother) was touching my side of the car! You are the most fantastic parents! Maybe in the next week or two I’ll come by with a full tank of gas, a loaf of white bread and some cold KFC and beg you for another ride (ahem, “instructional journey”) into the backroads of our lovely Florida wilderness. I’ll bring my camera too, although my husband will have to photoshop my thumb out of most of them! Love you guys, and thank you so much for sharing with all of us : )

    • Thank you for such a wonderful compliment! We would give anything to turn the clock back and do it all again, only more often! You (and Robert!) are welcome to join us any time, especially if you’re bringing the survival food!

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