Bosque del Apache:  Epilogue

Bosque Del Apache

Her pale yellow eyes were locked on to me and I “felt” them before I saw her. My attention was fixed on the male standing astride the road about a half-mile distant. I knew I couldn’t get a quality photograph that far away but any opportunity to record an image of a Coyote had to be grasped. As I snapped the shutter for the fourth time was when that “feeling” happened. Glancing up from the viewfinder, she was about 50 yards from me, standing in the grass and staring intently. At me.

My inner photographer said “lay down for a better angle”! Practical me said “coyotes can run 40 mph”. She had hypnotized me. I ever-so-slowly pointed the camera and squeezed the shutter release. She took a few deliberate steps in my direction triggering my flight response and then abruptly turned around and sniffed the air.

For the next ten minutes, I was privileged to watch one of nature’s apex predators hunt along the edge of a marsh.

This pair of coyotes (Canis latrans) were accustomed to humans within the refuge. Otherwise, I have no doubt I would never have seen them at all.

With a glance at her mate where some invisible (by me) communication occurred, she returned to his side and they melted into the scrub. She first turned and glared at me one last time to ensure I knew this was HER space. I was convinced.


Bosque Del Apache

Bosque Del Apache

Bosque Del Apache

Bosque Del ApacheBosque Del Apache

Bosque Del Apache


A very special memory out of many.

Thank you again, Son, for making this possible.


Enjoy your search for a natural place and come back for a visit!

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14 thoughts on “Coyote

  1. She is beautiful. I do not understand people who don’t think they are magnificent animals.

    • I’m sure some folks have their reasons for not being in love with the coyote, but I’m with you, I think they’re magnificent!

  2. What gorgeous creatures thay are, Wallly, and I love your captures of the female. I had no idea that they were dangerous, and would probably have been somewhat incautious in that situation – to my regret, it would seem!

    With my very best wishes to you and Gin – – – Richard

    • Sorry Gini – possibly a freudian slip!

      • No worries, Richard. Hmmm, on the other hand, I did note Gini writing your name in her little book ….. Be careful crossing streets — 🙂

    • Thank you, Richard! I don’t believe coyotes are any more or less dangerous than any other wild animal. They will flee rather than confront. However, as I inadvertently demonstrated, they will defend “their” territory and don’t mess with their family!

      We hope you and Lindsay are enjoying the week! All the best.

      • Maybe you missed that my apology was not with reference to capturing a female, but that I’d offered my best wishes to “you and Gin” rather than Gini! – Ot maybe I’m just missing a wind-up from you ! ;-} I’ll keep an eye open for trouble anyhow!!

      • Aha! I did miss your reference, as she is often called “Gin” by close friends, which we both certainly consider you as one!

  3. Rare photos, remarkable shots, Wally. I respect coyotes, but you know I have good reason to give them wide berth. (p.s. I archived all ye olde WordPress blogs; have one now that I visit every now and then at Blogger. It’s Come say hi anytime.

    • Thank you, Sis! I thought I WAS giving them a wide berth until I spotted the Mrs. giving me the evil eye!

      Love you!

  4. Such intelligent and gorgeous animals – you were so lucky to capture them! These are simply stunning images, honoring these amazing creatures.

  5. WHAT an amazing experience. What a privilege.
    And how I love the photodocumentary.

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