Birds at Brunch

“What do you want to do?”  “I don’t know, what do YOU want to do?”  Sound familiar?  Fortunately, she knows me well enough to know what I always want to do.

We took a mid-morning snack, binoculars, bird book and camera to the local lake and enjoyed the peace and quiet for a couple of hours.  The temperature was in the low 70’s, the lake’s surface was calm and the birds were going about their daily routines.

American Coots were gabbling and rushing about as if they were late for an appointment.

American Coot


Several Anhingas perched where they could keep an eye out for a meal to swim by while drying their wings.  I found one perched in a Bald Cypress tree in fall foliage just before it drops its leaves for the winter.  The mix of burnt orange tree, blue sky and black bird was pleasant.




The Common Gallinule was, well…..common.  Paddling, preening, posing.  They look as if reddish-orange wax dripped on their foreheads.

Common Gallinule

Common Gallinule


Apple Snails are abundant here and the lake has a robust population of Limpkins.  With that weapon-like bill, preening must be a dangerous job!




A male and female Mottled Duck enjoyed the serenity of the morning.

Mottled Duck


I counted seven different Pied-billed Grebes in my short walk.  One was in the middle of a large flock of American Coots and every time he surfaced he’d come up under a coot.  A lot of fun to watch.  For a spectacular series of photos of one of these guys, see Ron’s post here:  Feathered Photography.  Talk about your eyes being larger than your stomach!

Pied-billed Grebe

Pied-billed Grebe


There were no “exotic” species spotted and no great numbers of migrants.  It was just a pleasant morning among the birds.  Gini and I returned home relaxed and thankful our Great Minds think alike!


Enjoy your search for a natural place and come back for a visit.

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16 thoughts on “Birds at Brunch

  1. The p-b grebes are so cute, they are like the chipmunk of the bird world.
    Always great to ee my favorite, the anhinga as well!
    Wonderful bird series!

    • Phil, thank you very much for the visit! These little grebes can entertain for hours. Who needs TV? I appreciate your kind comments.

  2. Fantatic Limpkin shots!

    • Lately, it’s hard to avoid Limpkins. They seem to be everywhere. As an earlier poster pointed out though, what we sometimes think of as a common bird can be quite exotic to those who have never seen one.

  3. Fantastic captures, Wally. My favorite birds to see up close and personal are Limpkins and Pied-billed Grebes because of their sweet faces.

  4. Nice post Wally! I think the Florida “regulars” make for some great photos! Great captures of the beautiful Limpkin and the Pied-bill Grebe sure is cute!

  5. Love your blog!! We’re definitely on the same page, fellow Native… I can’t wait to see more! 🙂

  6. I’m like mrsbearfoot in that 4 of the 6 species you’ve posted here aren’t found in my area (Utah), so it’s always fun to see them and you got some nice shots of them all. Neat stuff.

  7. Most of these birds I’ve never seen before so they are “exotic” to me. 😉 All very beautiful and your last image is what I would call sweet.

    • Good point! We get used to what’s familiar to us and forget someone else doesn’t see this all the time! Thank you for the reminder and your kind words.

  8. TexWisGirl

    sweet shots! the anhingas are pretty, the limpkin is beautiful, but i adore the pied-bills. 🙂

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