Red-shouldered Hawk (For Wild Bird Wednesday)

Red-shouldered Hawk (Juvenile)

Red-shouldered Hawk (Juvenile)

Red-Shouldered Hawk

Red-Shouldered Hawk


Buteo lineatus

Here in Florida, the Red-shouldered Hawk adult is paler than the northern species with an almost gray appearance above and burnt-orange barred underparts.  The juvenile is darker above and underparts are often evenly spaced “heart-shaped” streaks.

Enjoy your search for a natural place and come back for a visit.

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27 thoughts on “Red-shouldered Hawk (For Wild Bird Wednesday)

  1. Hi Wally,
    Sorry I’m late getting around to the WBW posts. These captures are awesome! Such great detail and that blue sky doesn’t hurt.
    Thanks for visiting my Pileated Woodpecker this week. 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind comments, Carletta. Love those woodpeckers! Saw one yesterday but he wouldn’t stick around for a picture. 😦

  2. Great captures Wally! Red-shouldered Hawks are such beautiful raptors!

  3. Great pictures – I love the clear blue sky almost as much as the bird!

    Just to make you even more jealous – I saw Green Bee-ater when I was in Oman – although the pictures are not great!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW – Stewart M – Australia

  4. Those red-shouldered hawks are just beautiful — I learned to ID them last season, from people on WBW! Your pictures are fabulous.

  5. Beautiful captures!

  6. Oh what beautiful captures against that blue sky.

  7. Of course I most certainly can appreciate these beautiful images…love those R-S Hawks!

  8. a fine raptor and beautiful photographs Wally …

  9. Wow, splendid photos you’ve taken of this beautiful hawk!
    Thanks for your nice comment! 🙂
    Greetings Pia in Sweden

  10. Big brown eyes! The juvenile shot is especially sweet

  11. You captured the hawk so beautifully! An impressive bird.

    ps please delete my first comment, I wrote the wrong adress…/Susanne ds

  12. Those are serious and super shots Wally. Good to hear I’m not the only one who struggles to get good shots of Pegs – i guess over the years they have grown to be wary of us human beings.

    • Phil, how true! I found where one lives but he no longer waits for me to get out of the truck but just flies away as soon as he sees the vehicle. Guess I’ll have to camp out! Thanks so much for your kind comments!

  13. Wally, you captured these magnificent Red-shouldered hawks beautifully.. I especially like there eyes.

    Thanks for letting me know about my oops! on the heron 🙂

  14. TexWisGirl

    fine beauties! our most prevalent hawk here at run*a*round. 🙂

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