Birds In The City (Wild Bird Wednesday!)

Wood Duck

Wood Duck

Wood Duck

Wood Duck

Mute Swan




Lesser Scaup

Lesser Scaup

Our search for “natural” experiences does not always involve long journeys and maps with complex directions.  We live in Lakeland, Florida and, true to its name, there are many local lakes nearby.  One of these, Lake Morton, is virtually in the middle of the downtown area within sight of the public library.

(See our previous postThe Swans of Lakeland.)

On a recent morning, I grabbed a large cup of coffee and we drove to the lake about sunrise to see if any new birds were hanging around.  Well, the morning light was soft, there were a lot of birds busy looking for breakfast, I had the camera with me…….a familiar story unfolded.  A couple of hours later, the coffee was stone cold but I had an enjoyable morning observing the urban avian residents begin their day.

Wood Ducks were busy feeding, mating and posing.  The abundance of Apple Snails is good news for Limpkins.  I counted 16 individuals just along the southwest shoreline on this morning.  A Mute Swan lifted his head from among the lily pads long enough for a portrait.  The female Mallard flew by as though she was late for an appointment and a lone Lesser Scaup floated on the lake surface illuminated by the reflected morning light from nearby office building windows.

A wonderful way to start a day, even without any coffee!

Wood Duck

Enjoy your search for a natural place and come back for a visit.

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41 thoughts on “Birds In The City (Wild Bird Wednesday!)

  1. Beautiful series.

  2. I’ve only seen wood ducks at a way-too-far distance. These are enchanting and I can gaze to my heart’s content.

  3. TexWisGirl

    the wood ducks are always favorites. so ‘unrealistically’ painted. 🙂 the limpkins are so cute! love these shots!

  4. Fantatic shots! Lovely.

  5. tingsgrove

    Wow, these are all so very wonderful~

  6. Pam

    Awesome series of bird shots here, Wally. I love the beautiful colors of the Wood Ducks feathers, the Mute Swan with with a water drip, and the Limpkin with a apply snail.
    My thanks for commenting and following my blog.

  7. What a joy it must be to have such a variety of waterfowl! The wood ducks, in particular, are very beautiful.

    Visiting from Wild Bird Wednesday.

    • Thank you for visiting! I just finished admiring your Sandhill Cranes! If you check out our Gallery (“Circle B Bar Reserve – June 2012”) you can see some proud crane parents with chicks. Hope to see you again! – Wally

  8. Beautiful shots of the wood ducks! Love that limpkin couple together. I’ve been meaning to get over there to see the black headed swans. Not sure if they are still there.

    • Thank you, Dina! There were Black-headed Swans still there last week. If I get by in the next couple of days, I’ll let you know.

  9. Love this post and delighted to find your blog …we live in Ft. Myers during the Winter…I’m already busy adding places you mention to my ‘must visit’ list. Thanks!

    • Welcome, Sallie! The blog is still new and most of the places mentioned are a couple hours north of the Ft. Myers area. We hope to work our way further south soon. Ding Darling is a favorite of ours as well as Corkscrew Swamp. We look forward to your “migration”! –Wally & Gini

  10. modestoviegas

    Good series!!!

  11. A good mix of birds there Wally. Those Limpkins look quite exotic for an urban bird.

    • Phil, thank you for visiting! The Limpkins have been drawn in to most of our area ponds and lakes due to an influx of their main food source, the Apple Snail. Unfortunately, there are several varieties of this snail which are non-native and current studies suggest some may be harmful to the local ecology. Meanwhile, the Limpkins are everywhere! -Wally

  12. Very nice photo series showing the different birds.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog.
    Hanne Bente

  13. A BEAUTIFUL series!
    Love the Mute Swan, the Limpkin, and how wonderful the two Wood Ducks in the last shot!
    A wonderful all around WBW post!

  14. We put up a wood duck nesting box as there are many ponds in the area, but haven’t had success because starlings chase the wood ducks out of the box…Michelle

  15. All great photos Wally! My favorite is the shot of the two Limkins together! Awesome!

    • Larry, I appreciate the kind words. I observed those two for quite awhile. I’m pretty sure the one reaching through the other’s legs is a juvenile, although it’s almost adult size. It was always waiting for the other one to dig the snail out of the shell and then gobbled it down.

  16. Great photos and I like the reflections in the water.

    • Thank you, Mick! That lake is small and protected by tall buildings. In the mornings, the surface is usually smooth and offers some nice reflections.

  17. I also love wood ducks, your pictures are incredibly crisp and clear, perfect….I would like to see that limpkin Wally. You have some of the best pictures, so glad I found where you are here. I will add you to my reading list.

    • Nora, thank you so much! Wood Ducks are a little gaudy but sure do make a nice photo! It seems Limpkins are really abundant locally due to a profusion of their favorite food, the Apple Snail.

  18. SUPERB captures!!!

  19. Oh I love wood ducks and have a nesting box up across the pond…if you are ever interested I have a small meme called “Nature Notes’ posting about things we love about Mother Nature..I get the main post up on Tuesday and keep the link open till Sat.. I even have a woodie up for this week myself..Michelle

  20. The wood duck photos are gorgeous.

    • Thank you! There were several of them at the lake and they all seemed equally interested in feeding and mating! (Not necessarily in that order….LOL!)

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