Fort Desoto – July

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Brown Pelican

Great Blue Heron

Least Tern

SUMMER !!    FLORIDA !!    BEACH  !! 

Ahh, the blazing sun, glaring white sand, turquoise water, aroma of suntan lotion and charcoal lighter fluid, endless bodies on blankets broiling to pink perfection, volleyball, jet skis, para-sailing, packed parking lots and …… wait a minute.  I was looking for a different beach.  Oh, there it is.  Right over there.

It’s late evening.  One other person is in sight.  A nice young man from India by way of Atlanta.  I told him of a few places he could check out for taking sunset photos.  The Sunshine Skyway bridge signals the transit into and out of Tampa Bay.  It’s a very busy commercial port but tonight only one freighter entered the estuary and the water belonged to nature.  A Brown Pelican is happy to have the shallow water all to himself and lazily floats around picking at small fish and crabs.  The nest would look good with a splash of seaweed green and he’s off to earn his mate’s decorating approval.

A young Great Blue Heron arrives with dinner.  Eel is high in protein and this appears to be sushi quality as it was devoured after a brief bashing on the mud for tenderizing.  The Least Terns nest throughout this area and many sections are roped off to keep us lumbering humans from stepping on eggs.  There was a juvenile tern resting nearby but I didn’t want the parents to stress out so I retreated quietly.  I hope I didn’t disturb them too much.

Birds, hermit crabs, jumping mullet, a salt air you can almost “feel” as you breathe in, palm fronds rustling, a sun falling into that space between sky and water leaving tracks of indescribable colors on the clouds and – silence.  Yeah.  That’s the beach I was seeking.


(Please check out “Fort Desoto – July” in the Gallery for more images, including a sequence of the Great Blue Heron enjoying his meal.)

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